Finding the Right Time to Move

When it comes to moving, sometimes we don’t really have a choice in the matter – like when you get a new job overseas that starts within a few weeks. In some cases, we are able to strategically choose when to move according what makes sense to our personal circumstances. Here are some of the most popular times people choose to move and tips to help you decide which time is best for you!

Typical times to move

 Couples with younger children generally move in the summertime, as it gives the family time to adjust before school starts.

Couples with younger children tend to move:

  • Before they begin primary school or,
  • after the school year is finished
  • Between certain schooling years (between primary and middle school or between middle school and high school etc.)

Couples with older children tend to move when their kids go off to college or university. This is the perfect time to move as the family has already entered a new transition.

Common reasons couples move at this time are because:

  • It’s time to downsize
  • There’s less people (and belongings) to account for
  • It feels like the right time

At other times, people tend to move when they are transitioning into old age.

Senior citizens move for:

  • Mobility reasons
  • To be closer to family
  • To live in a healthcare facility or home
  • To downsize

Seasonal Timing Tips

Typically, rental leases begin on the first of each month and run till the end of a month. Moving season is usually the busiest at this time and in Montreal, particularly in July.

Consider moving in the middle of the month if you choose to move in the busy season. Moving on weekday to avoid peak times – even it means you have to take time off work – will be far easier to execute than a weekend move, too and it can offer you more flexibility.

Make sure your moving day doesn’t coincide with a citywide event, like a music festival or a bike race – this can impact how smoothly your move will go.

Finally, make sure you have a reliable moving service behind you to execute your move as efficiently as possible. Thinking about moving soon? Get in touch with us for a free quote!