During a move, multiple opportunities arise for identity thieves to gain access to your personal information and use it for their own financial gain. Homeowners and renters preparing for a move need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting their personal information.

At ADT Moving, our customers trust in us to pack, move, and deliver their most beloved personal items with the utmost care and professionalism. It is standard procedure for us to have all our employees go through a complete background check and participate in an extensive training program to ensure that they can serve you best.

Tips to protect your identity during a move:

  • We recommend that you submit a “Change of Address Form” through your local post office.
  • Be sure to notify all organizations that you receive mail from on a regular basis. Some of these include your bank, other financial institutions, insurance companies, local government agencies, healthcare providers, schools, publications to which you subscribe.
  • Shred sensitive documents or keep them with you.
  • Do not leave behind any sensitive paperwork, credit card offers or documentation that identity thieves could use if they went through your trash.
  • Transfer all important physical documents yourself that will be making the move, such as wills, stock certificates, tax returns, bonds, etc., to a safe and secure place such as a locked box.

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